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22-01-2018, 03:12 PM

Mestro Anti-Cheat


If you have been banned by Mestro Anti-Cheat then please read below for guidance on how to appeal your ban.

Unlike other forms of appeal, bans for cheating are only entitled to a single appeal

Mestro Anti-Cheat has been collecting player data since November 2015, it profiles the user and looks for sudden changes in game play style. It will then flag the user and a date when the user will be removed from the game and their times deleted. This will happen over the course of a few weeks/months and will never happen instantly, the user will not be given any indication a flag has been added to their account and members of staff can not check this.
Additionally Mestro Anti-Cheat will continuously review commands sent from the game client that indicate a third-party tool has been used

Mestro Anti-Cheat can and WILL detect any client modification that is used to gain an upper-advantage against other players, primarily in our Bunny-Hop cluster. This includes keyboard macros, client binds and multi-hack tools and modules.

Each user is manually reviewed before the ban is applied.

I didn't use cheats and I've been banned
Review your ban on the SecurePlay portal - If you have been banned by the anti-cheat then you have been caught cheating. Do not lie on your appeal, your data will be revisited to review the legitimacy of your appeal and your character will be taken into account when making a final decision. If in the unlikely scenario a moderator has manually applied a ban on your account, please ignore these instructions and follow the usual appeal process.

I know a user that's been using cheats and they're still allowed into the game
This user has likely been detected and will be banned, if you are concerned that the player is causing a major disruption please use the !call functionality to report the user so a moderator can review the situation.

When making your appeal, please:

- Tell us of any client modifications that were being used and for what purpose
- Tell us if you had any keyboard macro software running on your computer at any time in the last 2 years, this includes Razer Synapse and Corsair software
- If you feel your ban is unjust, explain why
- Confess - Or your thread will likely be closed

23-01-2018, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the info! <3