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12-11-2015, 08:37 PM
How to appeal a Mute or Ban
All infractions are open to a single review, firstly an appeal must be made
The appeal will be reviewed by the lead administrator panel and the administrator responsible is liable to make a statement in regards to the actions taken
Following the above, the lead administration panel or a senior administrator shall make a final decision on how to proceed

Ban / Mute Appeal Form
Thread Title: Alias - Admin Name

Type: Mute / Ban
Reason for Ban:
Statement: You can add anything you like here to reason with the Mestro Gaming staff team

If you are unsure why you received an infraction, you can check here (http://mestrogaming.net/secureplay/index.php?p=banlist).
You can also find the ban reason and administrator in question using the above link.
You may need your Steam ID*