View Full Version : Some Ways This Could Be Improved :-)

09-06-2018, 07:57 PM
Here are some pointers that may help the 1v1 community in Mestro back yo how it should be

Adding A rank System

So i was in a game of 1v1 on mestro and someone said the idea of having ranking system and that was one of the reasons they were not playing it anymore , some people like something to stride for and earn.

Challenging other players ( Individual 1v1s )

This is when you use the command !Challenge to face another opponent of you're choice after the round has finished

Kill To Death Ratio

This is so you can see how many kills you have in the server and how many deaths. This is by using !KD

Point/Shop System

As far as i am aware specifically in 1v1 there is no shop , i may be wrong tried looking in game and didn't see anything

Statics Online

It Seems Like Bhop And Surf has it but not 1v1 arena https://gyazo.com/5e88b8c5332ab327a0340a293a9e9507

Some events as well on the server to promote more people going on there

Thanks , Andyy ( Also Do Not Have The VIP Tag On The Forums :-) )