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Thread: Concluded - Scheduled Maintenance 03/06 - Germany

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    Concluded - Scheduled Maintenance 03/06 - Germany

    Various services will be affected during the afternoon/evening on 03/06/2016.
    Scheduled maintenance will mean the following services will be unavailable for a period not exceeding two hours.

    - MG9-16 will be closed for upgrades.
    - GMOD 1&2 will be assigned MG9&10.
    - MG11 and onwards will remain unassigned for server openings throughout June.
    - MySQL databases will be transferred from Germany, UK to Bristol, UK resulting in some data loss.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    prophunt be added to the new box tonight? if so gimme a shout and ill give you a hand

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    It will likely be tomorrow, I'll message you with further details when I can.
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