Monthly Community Roundup
September 2016

New Partnership - Hive365 Radio
We are proud to have teamed up with Hive365 radio. This partnership was formed over the last two weeks after various meetings with staff from Hive365. We are very excited to continue working with them to bring all community users more giveaways, community orientated events and banging tunes! Please continue to leave us feedback on the forums and on our Steam Group.

Rust Server Changes

We have made some big changes to our Rust servers after receiving feedback from our Staff Team. It was originally suggested by Keiran that we launched an "easy mode" server with heavily inflated gather and processing rates. We decided to take this idea to the production level and are very happy to see our public test servers thriving, with upwards of 90 players at peak times. Our other servers have now been liquidated.

Staffing Changes

Towards the end of August the head count was evalated against our staffing requirements based on the overall traffic and demand on our servers, and we are delighted to introduce 8 new CSGO and 2 new Rust moderators onto our servers. Congratulations to Sam Rowson, TaiiKii, Just4dalolz, Jordan, 61kg Animal, Flo, Teh, Chef, Rpen, K.Flanagan and Kieran on your new posts.

Server Development

Evaluations suggest room for expansion as our donation coffers are continuously rising! September will see several new introductions into our Garry's Mod and CS:GO clusters. We will continue to provide updates with regards to new servers as they arrive onto our network.

Community Response: Surf & Bunnyhop Content
We are aware of a high demand for new Surf and Bunnyhop content which will be arriving over the coming weeks. In addition to this we may be reworking MG8 & MG9 and merging some of the content between the two Bunny Hop servers based on suitability. Please note that player ranks may decrease as the criteria for higher ranks will naturally rise as more content is added between all servers.

There is no further news to report - September is a month focused heavily on development and providing fresh new content. Please keep your eyes peeled for public test sessions and new content announcements.