It should be noted that we are currently running a failover version of KZTimer, as servers running KZTimer were broken by a recent CS:GO update:

This plugin is far from perfect, however does seem to be somewhat performing in terms of running the server.

in response to various complaints I'm receiving via Steam Chat, with regards to lagging issues on the KZ server.
I'm currently unable to do anything with regards to this. There is no such thing as a fix, or a lag switch which I can click to ensure the server is running smoothly.

We currently operate various high-ranking CS:GO servers, the cost of which is upwards of 35 DDOS attacks / packet flood attempts within every 24 hour period. Our DDOS protection is working, our legacy players will be able to explain that our old servers hosted by a reputable ISP: Iomart, Rapidswitch, would frequently go completely down when a DDOS attack was sent to our servers. This is no longer the case, however DDOS protection does limit packet throughput and as a result, during an attack slight lag is expected.

TL;DR: DDOS Attacks no longer "switch off" the Mestro Servers, however can cause lag. There is NO FIX FOR THIS, ALL SERVERS RESPOND THE SAME WAY, OR WORSE IF THEY ARE UNPROTECTED.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note,
I've always operated a policy where I don't offer support via Steam Chat.
I am available 24/7 on the forums and Staff Discord (Or via telephone between 9-5, details below). I cannot provide Steam support as I am persistently logging into 15+ chats often reporting issues. I can not feasibly review all of these messages every few hours and I refuse to do so as Steam chat does get lost and is non retrievable.

There are currently 57 pending tasks in the development tracker and this takes priority. Further entries will be made based ​only on suggestions and complaints made using the suggested methods above.