Full list of website updates and update history

Map live search is back, we didn't miss it that much to notice it was broken!
Upgraded giveaway & donation system to MySQLi pending integration into site.


Corrected SQL error on profile comments since upgrading functionality to MySQLi

Website is now fully search engine friendly.


Staff team has been added.
Forum menu navigation has been tidied.
Players will be notified when their donation perks expire.
Players can now manage their in-game titles via the website.
Server staff have some new options in the titles section.
All Bunny Hop maps should now be searchable from the map statistics search function.
Map tiers now display on the Bunnyhop Map Statistics page.
Players can now access Surf & Bhop map statistics from the most recent records page.
Players can now access Surf & Bhop map statistics from the Last 10 sessions page.
Sessions in progress now display correctly on the Last 10 sessions page.
Reintroduced donation accepted/declined infographics.


Recent Records Page has been added to the menu and is now available to the public.
User notifications have been fully implemented.
Sparkles added to VIP displays on various areas around site.
VIP verification upgraded to function.
Conversion to MySQLi from MySQL (Depreciated) completed.
Various depreciated functions replaced with preg_match.
Reintroduced player count feature.


Searching for players will now also scan the Bunny Hop cluster.
Searching for players has been enabled site-wide.
Conversion to MySQLi started.
Administrators can now moderate comments.
Comments now clearly display the admin rank and account type.
Guests can no longer delete profile comments.
Last 10 sessions has now been added to the profile management page.
Player profiles are now unavailable if the user has been banned.


Comments system upgraded to API for sidewide functionality.
Players can now leave each other comments on profiles.


Steam Integration (100%)

- Infographics & News
- Quickjoins
- Donator Information
- Account Types

- Chat Log Monitoring
- Admin Documentation

User Account Details
- Logout
- Hours Played

- Account Status
- Infraction History

Statistics Pages
- Surf Stats
+ - Surf Player Statistics
+ - Surf Leaderboard
+ - Surf Map Statistics

- Bunny Hop Stats
+ - Bunny Hop Player Statistics
+ - Bunny Hop Leaderboard
+ - Bunny Hop Map Statistics