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Thread: Newsletter - November 2016

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    Newsletter - November 2016

    Monthly Community Roundup
    November 2016

    General movements behind the scenes have been limited towards the end of November as I've been busy with many real-world commitments. But hey, we managed to achieve Sideways Surfing!

    Down to the nitty gritty..

    Rust Administrator Team
    Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Bera and Senex who are now keeping the Rust server in tip-top shape, congratulations to you both.

    Rust Expansion - 3/5/10x Node
    It is currently in talks as to whether Mestro Gaming should begin development on a new node for Rust, please leave comments in the thread below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Was looking to gather thoughts for an expansion to the Rust cluster which will see an introduction of a 5x or a 10x server with similar modifications to our current 1Mx node.

    Lower rates would see higher player retention, however less overall attraction.
    I believe that it would promote more community spirit and should feature monthly wipes.

    In-game Advertisements - CS:GO

    During November 2016 the management decided to implement advertisements into our CS:GO cluster. There is a very good explanation as to why we decided to implement these advertisements.

    Running costs over the past few months have increased, totaling roughly ~£250/mo (Excluding annual licensing costs of ~£50/annum) (~£3.1K/Annum Costs). Despite having a lot of support from our donator pool, there is still a monthly shortfall of donations. (Note that donations are not a reliable source of income, as donating is intended to be optional for all players). Where there is a shortage of donations, I gladly fill in the gaps.

    During December through February I will be completely out of earnings as I transfer between two monthly paid jobs and will be accruing various debts. As donations are an insecure method of obtaining help towards server costs action had to be taken. By implementing advertising we are able to enable a secure method of accruing earnings towards server costs. Since implementing server advertising only two weeks ago, I am happy to announce that we have earned over £50GBP. Assuming this will reach at least £75 within a 30-day period, advertising will ensure that 30% of the server costs are covered, securely.

    Once the donation target has been met, it will be considered that in-game advertisements are completely abolished.

    If you have ever donated any amount to Mestro Gaming, thank you!
    It's people like you that ensure this community keeps running smoothly.

    I would like to thank OllieMBM for bringing this idea to the table.

    Battlefield 1 Plans Delayed

    Following the release of EA's Battlefield 1 "Rent-a-Server" program, we are afraid to announce that plans have been halted until further notice. The reason behind this decision is due to the lack of functionality server developers are granted, meaning we are unable to assign moderators, extensive content and have no remote access. EA Dice has promised us this functionality over the coming months, we intend to release up to two servers by February 2017.

    What comes after CS:GO?

    I've been asked this question on numerous occasions. Several of us including myself have enjoyed the Counter-Strike series since 1.6 / Source and the likes. These games have featured content-focused player owned servers which include Surfing, Bunny Hop etc.
    When a new game in the series is released the servers do eventually become quiet, desolate and in most cases close down. Well, fear not - We have plans that cover scenarios just like this!

    Should a new game be released preceding Global Offensive, our game servers will continue to operate as normal for 180 days following the release of a new game in the series. The donation coffers and quarterly budget will be focused towards development costs to ensure a smooth transition to the newer game.

    Following this transition, the following permanent changes will be made, and these servers will run for the foreseeable future.

    MG1-4 -> MG1 [CS:GO Surf Timer T1-6]
    MG5 -> MG2 [CS:GO Surf VIP]
    MG6 -> Liquidated
    MG7 -> Liquidated depending on out of house development
    MG8-9 -> MG3 [CS:GO BHOP T1-4]
    MG10 -> MG4 [CS:GO BHOP VIP]
    MG11 -> MG5 [CS:GO Arena]

    Sourcemod allows us to complete these conversions with relative ease, as most Sourcemod content works seamlessly across all Source Engine content. It's worth noting that we have tested the following plugins across CS:S, CS:GO and TF2 and they work flawlessly with minimal reconfiguration efforts made: SourceBans, Reserved Slots, Mestro Surf Timer (Reconf GUI, Zones), Store Inv, Trails & Skins, VFF Detection, donation shortcuts (Reconf MOTD Method) and rotating messages.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Congratulations to Bera and Senex on becoming moderators for Rust

    What happened to Jailbreak?

    Overall Lee and to the community you have all done good and I am glad to be a part of Mestro.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Lacey View Post
    Congratulations to Bera and Senex on becoming moderators for Rust
    What happened to Jailbreak?

    Overall Lee and to the community you have all done good and I am glad to be a part of Mestro.

    Hi Jordan,
    we are currently recruiting an independent developer for our Jailbreak server.

    It is almost ready for launch, however due to the nature of the game we will need an active developer and host.

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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