Affected Servers:
Bunny Hop Cluster

Closing Statement

Following server maintenance and a brief server shut-down, the dedicated server of which Bunny Hop servers are hosted failed to listen on the correctly configured IP address.
This was identified as a fault out of our control and was quickly resolved by a technician on-site.
We have taken note of recent user complaints of server network issues from servers hosted on this address during the past week, and hope to see that these outstanding issues have now also been resolved following the tweaking of the network.


Dedicated servers shut down temporarily. (Intended, quarterly operation)


Dedicated servers switched on, game servers suspended for reconfiguration.


Game servers started. Connectivity checks passed for the most part, with notes.
All servers listening on IP are not allowing incoming connections.


Network configurations verified, issue raised with Datacentre and technician notified.


Issues corrected by technicians at the datacentre and the outage is deemed concluded.