Monthly Community Roundup
December 2016

Content Updates & Safeguarding Mestro Gaming

Updates in December have been split into two segments. During the first half of December we seen dramatic content updates to our Surf cluster, and some smaller introductions to our Bunny Hop cluster, and introducing over 50 maps between those servers.

Following these changes we were allowed time to review our backup solutions.

Our current system backs up all database information, files and individual game servers using Amazon AWS and Carbonite technology. Using the extended budget allowed from donations we have now ordered a 1U Unit and 4x NAS Drives which will run in 2|2 RAID and allow for daily network backups which are stored right here in my office, for extra security.

It is currently under discussion as to whether we are ready to
geographically expand our network.

We plan to begin Game Server retail in Q2 2017.

Christmas Promotion - Conclusion

To keep everyone in Christmas spirit, we decided to launch a promotion from December to the 1st January. Whilst this promotion isn't quite over, I'd still like to comment on how much of a great success this turned out to be. Congratulations to all of those who've donated and claimed their free additional points and VIP terms.

Claimants on 29/12/2016: ✪ Marcus, Rossishere™, mk, Subby, MOBZ, [WAR] puumanteri, The HalbGot, FreeKill, scott_wv10, Mr. Chopsticks <3 Tom, Spits, Henk, mesa Gay4Mass1ve<3, SHeLLWiNgS, TriCkz, sWenky, ScrubDZN, Disc, OllieMBM, mesa Gay4Mass1ve<3, Bera, Doreena, Jaxiki, Mark., Slaz, Tom | UK, LS. Orson, Kyomi Is Bae, Burning Tyre, Senex, Lee

Reformed Application Process

The Mestro Gaming staff team has grew very quickly since launch, and we have recruited some great community members over the past year who've shown utmost care and dedication towards our gaming community. The old application process was reviewed based on comments made by applicants and regular community users and the following issues were highlighted. Privacy concerns (Name/E-mail/DOB), plagiarism between applications and falsified vouches.

Our solution was an in-house application system based on user recommendations by existing members of the team. This system has been explained in full here.

New Team Members

We have reformed the way we introduce new members of staff to Mestro Gaming, prior to this we pushed through our final, large "pre-facelift" intake. We would like to welcome
Tucks, Treezy, Mello, Nico, Rise, OllysCoding, Wild Meli, Doreena, Papa Senpai to the team.
Also welcome back to
Glenn who has returned after some extended leave.

We hope you have a great New Year!