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Thread: Server Died

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    Server Died

    Is there any plans on a wipe? If so I'd definitely join up again with my tribe, had some amazing time on the Mestro servers before!!

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    I'll support this if I can get some backing from a few of the other ARK community members.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Honestly, i don't think you have anything to lose. I've seen a max of 2 people on the server lately, you just need to have all the staff jump on the server, even just to AFK to raise it up a little bit after the wipe, will encourage more to join and hopefully get back the ways it was!

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    I would def rejoin server if wiped was fun learning on your server

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    Yup, I'd be up for a wipe!

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    Urrrrm I imagine the reason the server is dead is because it becomes unplayable for hours at a time (like right now, been running fine all day, suddenly become stuttery and kicks people every few minutes) and no one is ever around to do anything about it! We've literally been complaining about it for so long and nothing gets done! Tbh, despite being the strongest tribe on the server, and sinking so many hours into this, I think a wipe is a great idea. Having said that the map is practically empty on account of the structures auto destruct (ironically there are loads of mestro official tamed dinos wandering everywhere tho). In all honesty atm I doubt we'd still be looking for a different server because nothing gets changed/improved/fixed/even looked into!

    Edit; Some of these are still problems that exist/reoccur from november; Seeds, Spawns and Imprinting
    Started by Bloop, 26-10-2016, Randomly kicked Started by unknow, 30-10-2016
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    I concur with thedogowl, the server performance has been really dire for quite a while. Tbh I've only been playing due to the good position my tribe is in as its been good to improve my building/game-play skills. I'm regularly being kicked (some days its ok tho) and the rubberbanding can make it unplayable sometimes. Theres also been the seed issues, the crop plots despawning every now and again, all of our dinos in our base disappeared recently, I don't think the wild dinos are wiped often enough, I'm not keen on the building despawn times (they are a great idea, just too short - esp. for electrical cables), and the regularity of the mod mismatch error is annoying (many times I've had to wait till the next day to play again).

    Wow, I didn't think I had that many problems with the server until I wrote it all out lol

    I am up for a wipe at somepoint soon to get server numbers back up (since recent wipes are what ppl look for in finding a new server) but these problems need to addressed otherwise people will just leave again.

    (On a positive note, I do like the mods that you have installed)

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    Yeah it does seem silly not to solve the reason 80% of the server left in the first place and assume a wipe will fix it. We have been on this server for 3 wipes time and i have to say the lags and disconnects have been happening since day one and coincidentally tends to happen only during peak times. Yes you could wipe it and yes that would bring more people to the server but if nothing is changed then your only bringing in the crowd specifically to sully your name and loose popularity due to the issues that are not addressed.

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    Was anything done to address this since then? Or was the server officially abandoned?

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    Keach - The ARK server remains open as an unmanaged unit.
    We are looking for experienced server managers for this cluster before it is fully supported.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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