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Thread: BHOP map problems/bugs/boosted times reporter

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    BHOP map problems/bugs/boosted times reporter

    Hey fellow Bhoppers,

    Is there any problems/bugs/glitches/hacked times on bhops? Because the Bhop admins/mods seem to show that all is good.

    Currently there is 4 maps issues of 177 bhop maps.

    IF there is problems, then let the admins/mod know so they can report it. Please pester them until they do, otherwise these problems wont get fixed.

    Alternatively you can provide some input too.

    The report should go as follows (please note if report is not fully completed, the report wont be filed

    MAP: ___________________
    Issue: ____________________
    Location: __________________
    Wipe Times: Yes/No
    List of Times to wipe: ________
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    Aug 2016
    The Netherlands
    Map: bhop_randomeness
    Issue: Start and end zone are placed wrong
    Location: Start & End. See screenshots here for the correct zone locations (outlined in blue)
    Wipe Times: Optional, the start and end zones are further if they're correctly zoned. Doesn't really matter much though as there aren't optimised runs for that map at the moment. It's up to you to decide.
    List of times to wipe: All, if you decide to do so.

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    Thanks Apekiller, really detailed report

    I will log for further processing, apologies if it takes a while to fix

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    Map: Bhop_bless
    Issue: Scripted Record by Kek
    Wipe Times: Yes
    Time: 28:00

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    Thanks Siray ,

    The time will be investigated and removed if confirmed to be scripted.

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    MAP: Bhop_japan_v1
    Issue: No zones.
    Location: Full map
    Mestro Gaming Staff Team

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