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Thread: 5x RUST server for Mestro

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    Quote Originally Posted by siraY View Post
    Honestly, I played a lot of rust, but you would have to have decent starting population to succeed. A small population wont sustain to deman and the 5x booster would help late comers catch up to those that played from day 1. Honestly I would be down to play on the server as long as raiding is 100% allowed.

    This is how we built the old server and maintained an active playerbase. Sadly the server was badly maintained and succumbed to crashing which gradually killed it off due to downtime. Sadly that downtime caused our playerbase to leave and move on. I won't support such a project without at least 50 backers. I think 20-25 backers is enough to begin working on a server.
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    You saw the servers before Lee and then it became boring and we lost players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Lacey View Post
    You saw the servers before Lee and then it became boring and we lost players.
    That's just not the case. Our DDOS protection wasn't working at all with our old server, when it became populated and fun DDOS attacks regularly took down the servers at peak times. I traced the DDOS attacks were being launched from another server where another community were hosting RUST servers.

    Because our servers were being regularly taken down, we lost players, and because of this, it became boring (because of a lack of players due to DDOS attacks).

    It doesn't matter what kind of server we launch, if you play on a server that's "fun" with only 2-5 players online at any one time, it will become boring very quickly for everyone involved.

    This is why I will not launch another server without a list of supporters.
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    Show to where to sign up and i'll do my part

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    The 5x server is currently online, ip:

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    Quote Originally Posted by OllysCoeding View Post
    The 5x server is guide on how to lose weight fast online, ip:
    Anyone interested in Rust? I've been having an itch to get back into it lately.
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