Monthly Community Roundup
May 2017

Half Sideways Mode
Due to high player demand, we spent Easter preparing and releasing the all new Half Sideways mode on both of our Surf & BHOP clusters. Naturally, surfing uses a RHSW style of gameplay, whilst B-Hop uses a standard HSW style of gameplay. We spent countless hours tweaking and perfecting all of the systems that handle times of different styles and those systems that forward the replays to our bot handler.

Better Bot Handling
With HSW mode, we released a new and better version of our bot handling system. Players can now select different styles of replays using different menu options when operating the bot, including stage replays and corrected bonus replays. We hope this makes the bot easier for our players to use.

Player-Power: Points Calculation for Styles
It has been suggested by some of our more experienced players (click) that we discontinue the points contribution to a players overall points from records that have been completed using SW/HSW mode. At the moment we take 0.25X of the players SW&HSW points and add these to the players total. This implementation was originally a player-suggested feature however we have had some negative feedback with regards to this, and will open the opportunity for our powers to turn this feature off. Please submit feedback on how you would like this system to work below, and depending on the above poll result, we will make the favoured changes according to how you want them.