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Thread: EVENT: Hunger games! 2nd July 2017, 7pm BST

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    EVENT: Hunger games! 2nd July 2017, 7pm BST

    Imagine a world...
    where your survival is in the hands of a cruel, ruthless government and a Capitol full of people who watch teenagers kill each other for entertaiment.
    Imagine a game...
    where the only rule is "Kill or be killed."
    Imagine a life where your only hope of survival is to beg this cruel government for extra food in exchange for entering your name for more chances to compete in this sadistic game commonly known as....


    If you're not familiar with the Hungergames then I'll explain it to you;

    You will find yourself blindfolded, only to be uncovered to find yourself around the circumference of a circle alongside your fellow inmates. The main goal of the game is to find weapons, food, water and be the last man standing.

    There is a twist though.... When you kill or others kill eachother they will eventually come back as monsters to make your survival experience even more harder.



    • Respect other users, do not use any language or terms that could be possibly considered inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to criticism against gender / race / faith / sexuality / disability etc.
    • Keep the voice channel clear unless you are speaking to another user or if another user is talking.
    • English speakers on the voice channel only, our community is based in England.
    • Please do not challenge a decision made by an administrator. All infractions can be appealed by the player in question on our SecurePlay portal.
    • Exploiting commands to achieve unfair advantages against others to gain a better score is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant permanent ban.
    • As a "community standard" we expect people to be polite and respectful of other users within our social outlets and also expect them to keep our server rules in mind.
    • Strictly NO TEAMING, teaming will result in a instant disqualification and you won't be allowed to join the next event.

    How will it work?

    There will be a total of 6 games and certain things you do will gain you points that distribute like so;

    • 5 points - Kill
    • 8 points - If you die within top 20
    • 12 points - If you die within top 15
    • 15 points - 5 or more kills.
    • 16 points - If you die within top 10
    • 50 points - Win

    Prizes for winning

    There will be prizes for the top 3 with overall points which will be discussed within the admin team and distributed as soon as possible.

    Well myself and the entire staff team hope that you enjoy the event and I can't wait to see you guys there!

    Thank you,


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    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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    I wanna play!

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    can i play pls

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    Make this guy senior already. Best admin eu.

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    I look forward to destroying you all

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    Quote Originally Posted by OllysCoding View Post
    I look forward to destroying you all
    dw i got this global elite gameplay xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by OllysCoding View Post
    I look forward to destroying you all
    Dw, i was #1 on server both on kills and elo when it came out, coming for you

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    I'll be there guys, looking forward to it!
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