Community Newsletter - July 2017

Mestro Gaming: CS:GO Events
Thanks to everyone who attended our Kitsune2 night and Hunger Games night, and a huge thanks to Jordan and OllysCoding for hosting those events and providing our players the chance to win free VIP on our servers. We have really seen the essence of the community shining through over the past few weeks, and it's events like these where we can all come together and enjoy online gaming as it's supposed to be.

We hope to continue providing regular events to you all, so everyone has a chance to come along and enjoy a mixed variety of games and social evenings, you may even win some prizes along the way too!

The entire staff team have been extremely supportive in planning and executing these events, however it was Jordan that seen the events through and made sure that things were smooth sailing, from planning to the execution.
On that note, I'm happy to announce that Jordan will now be taking the reigns as Mestro Gaming's Community & Events Coordinator, congratulations Jordan and thank you for your huge efforts.

Development: GTA:V - Mestro's Los Santos Roleplay

The development focus has been scattered throughout the middle of 2017, as we are planning to expand our service by relaunching our RUST cluster and launch a brand new server on Grand Theft Auto: V. We have a new line of CS:GO servers, Rust and GTA:V all to think about over the coming months, it's going to be a busy year.

Over the past few weeks, myself and OllysCoding have been working hard writing a new type of game based on the GTA:V client, a new and open world for all players to enjoy. Collectively we have wrote thousands of lines of code and yet we are only 10% of the way to releasing this to our community.

Ultimately, players will be able to work towards luxury housing, vehicles whilst building their financial empire! Content on the cards includes working in public transportation, goods delivery, city policing and fishing just to start, or you may decide to take a slightly more illegitimate route and join the drugs trade? Keep your eyes peeled for more updates over the coming weeks!

On that note, I would like to congratulate OllysCoding on his new role as a lead developer for our GTA:V project and thank you for your huge efforts!

Changes to the Moderator Team

Our staff team have been working very hard over the past few months, ensuring that your games are free of grief and disruption. I'm proud to announce that, that includes several of our server moderators who have proven themselves to have great potential, they have earn't their wings and have been promoted to Server Administrators!
Congratulations to: HDBeta, Cat, Jeeves, Svennesson and Konz. Keep up the great work!