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Thread: BHOP Night 09/07 7PM BST Hosted by Svennesson

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    BHOP Night 09/07 7PM BST Hosted by Svennesson

    Hello ladies,

    On Sunday, Svennesson will be hosting our first BHOP based event!

    As you guys ask quite regularly about adding new maps, 3 new maps have been zoned and added ready to be pushed out to public servers after the event on sunday!

    These maps are as followed:


    Svennesson wanted to use these for sunday during the event to test them and make sure they are up to scratch with what you guys would want!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee for zoning the maps, adding them and also allowing us to hold this event for you guys!

    Senior Admin.

    P.s: This post will be updated whenever Svennesson wants to add anything to it

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    3 maps I love to run on 128 tick servers, looking forward to these maps.

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    I'll try my best to be there. Lots of love xxx
    "Forget the mistake, remember the lesson" - The son, The father and the holy spirit.

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    I'm never at home when these events happen. GG men

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    rip man
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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