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Thread: Jailbreak?

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    Hello guys,

    After talking with a friend about Mestro, we both came up with the idea of having a jailbreak server to Lee and I just want to back my idea up with people that are willing to help by playing on the server and also like the idea.

    Yay or nayyyy basically.

    Opinions please guys! :P


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    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    Honestly, I doubt many people will play on it. Wasn't there a server before and it shutdown. Waste if time and money but if it's free or it's affordable then go for it but I would think if it's active their would need to be at least one dedicated admin on that server.

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    Yeah I agree with you, and I don't think the server even got published but I think it will work imo

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    Will require heavy moderation which is factor that should be seriously considered. Aside from the cost of the server, can we afford to give the staff another server to administrate/moderate? Especially one that requires such heavy moderation? In my opinion no, at least not without more staff.

    It's a nice idea though, I could see myself coming on from time to time if a loyal playerbase was established

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    I'v been asking for a jailbreak server in mestro for ages
    big ass YAY

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    I bloody love Jailbreak so you'll see me on there a shit tonne xD

    and Safoooo jailbreak is the best!!

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