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Thread: Jailbreak event; 03/08

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    Jailbreak event; 03/08


    as some of you may know already I have worked alongside Lee to create our very own Jailbreak server and I am proud to announce that it's finally complete!

    To celebrate the release of our Jailbreak server, I will be hosting a 'Jailbreak Night' where you guys come and see what we have to offer as well as familiarise yourself with this gamemode.

    So yeah at 7pm BST on Thursday we will all jump on the server and play a few games!

    I will be writing up a guide on how to play jailbreak so if anyone is confused then they can read it whenever you please.

    See you all there,

    Senior Administrator.

    Due to unforseen circumstances as some of you may know I am in the position of moving, unexpected deposit charge has occurred so I will sort you out with VIP or something.
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