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Thread: No admins on ever.....

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    No admins on ever.....

    You guys seriously need to take it together, if I ever play on mestro, I see an admin once a day man. Like come on guys, there's so much harassment, and racism in there, I use !call, but nothing fucking happens. My god, pull your heads out your asses!

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    Yep, that's why i've requested a vote mute command for VIP but still no reply
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    Papa I appreciate the concern but the way you address it I take as aggressive so I will be asking you to calm down and speak to us like we are human and not shit on your shoe

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    To be honest I have to agree even if you don't accept me it would help the servers out so much because what papa says is true about admins never being except ma boi David and konz. Like there's so many applications.

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    Yeah I know it's right but Summer is a busy time and then even after that people go back to School/College/Uni/Work.

    I believe apps will be open again at some point for the next intake so having some fresh faces would be nice.

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    Dear all,
    the capacity of the moderator team is constantly under review and depends on the current game demand.
    At this moment in time the moderator team is well staffed and all members are staff are in check with hours which are vetted on a weekly basis.

    We are also however always reviewing applications and seeking out potential candidates for the moderator team, so if you're interested in becoming a part of the team again please apply, or refer others who would well suit the role and throw them a vouch!

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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