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Thread: Roll Call: Closed Beta - Invitation/Applications Only

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    Roll Call: Closed Beta - Invitation/Applications Only

    Roll Call: GTA V Online Public Beta

    - Integrated member of the community without any active infractions from other services
    - Licensed copy of GTA:V
    - GT-MP Client (Download)

    Please post your Social Club username below and reasons why you should receive exclusive BETA access to GTA V: Life below. We will be listing successful applicants on this thread when the beta arrives. Should you be successful, you will receive exclusive Founding Father status for the duration of your stay in Los Santos and receive access to the tester forums!

    PTR ETA: JANUARY 10TH 2018
    ETA: MARCH 1ST 2018

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Retired Staff
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    Oct 2017
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Username: mrkevink711

    I would love to join the beta for GTA V: Life and have shown interest since I first heard it was coming.

    I can devote a lot of time to the beta as I do enjoy GTA V. I will be happy to raise up any issues I notice, if there are any, and would love to be part of the beginning of the newest addition to Mestro Gaming.

    I want to be a Founding Father.
    I make some mean cold beans

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    SC username : snakemaster456

    Thanks : )

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    Aug 2017
    Scotland ;)
    Username: RabCNesbittt

    I would love to join the beta for GTA V: Life
    thanks ,
    Stephen xoxo

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    Username : Duroode

    I have nothing else Interesting to do. So i can spend a lot of time on the server and help with Bug feedback

    I have played my fair bit of GTA V both Across Console and PC and know my way around the game.

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    Social Club: LowGnome9248

    I would enjoy it as I love GTA and have played a good bit of it to be fair

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    Dec 2016
    Social Club: LillSvesseN

    I would love to be a part of beta and help out with testing and stuff
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    Social Club: OiRoddy

    I want to join the beta and help with the testing


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    Social Club : RustFuzzin

    I nice guy yes

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