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    Thumbs up 128t

    Boi, it was like I don't know 6 months ago when you said this was happening. I get you have lives and jobs but either say you're not gonna be able to do it or say it is happening cmon men.

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    128 tick is gross. If it was to be changed, he should change it to 102 tick.
    Plus I don't really agree with just tossing away years of peoples time

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    Yeah lad well if you knew what you're were saying you'd know it was going to be a different server xx

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    Yeah Next time you reply proof read it please.

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    Oops I'm sorry sir will do next time, I'm terribly sorry for putting the 're after you. How can you ever forgive me

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    I have absolutely 0 idea what the fuck you are talking about

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    Mate not sure if you've got down syndrome but I said I'm sorry sir (means that I apologise for not proof reading). Then I said sorry for putting 're after the word "you" that is because when I put the 're after the word "you" it didn't make sense. Then I put how can you ever forgive me becayse clearly not proof reading is a sin. You get it now or do you want me to spoon feed you some more lad.
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    are you okay

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    Yeah I'm doing pretty good, excited for my holiday and are you okay?

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    Yeah mate I'm alright, 128 surf or bhop?
    128 surf is fucked, and 128 is pointless unless you're willing to fork out for blackys timer

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