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Thread: Multiple feedback things

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    Multiple feedback things

    VIP surf server doesnt work, would love for this to be fixed.
    Would love somewhere where users can post maps that could be added, (MG-1 definitely feels a bit stale with the maps constantly played).
    Some other servers have done this, and it makes it pretty fun, but game modes such as; slow motion/fast forward/low gravity.
    I realise this would be a lot to implement, but a 64 tick "competitive" server? (You would have times only for this server, not shared with different tick rates).
    Spectating where the user cant tell if theyre spectated (*cough mods, cough bugs*) gets annoying at times and I dont understand the need for it.

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    Hey! Thanks for your feedback.

    I have added the VIP server to our bug tracker, this should be fixed ASAP.

    If you would like ot suggest maps, please post them here:

    As for gamemodes, this would be down to Lee to add or not. Sometimes there isn't enough demand for something to justify putting the time into development. We have already however added Sideways and Half-Sideways modes.

    Seeing who is spectating you was removed some months back with the introduction of the new timer interface. This may be something that returns in the future, please post it to the link above along with any map suggestions.

    Thanks for your feedback,

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