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Thread: Newsletter - January 2018

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    Newsletter - January 2018

    Community Newsletter - January 2018

    CSGO BunnyHop and Surf

    In December 2017, We proudly served over 25,000 players from 118 regions across the world! In this time 25 new records were set, with the most being broken by Dim, setting 9 new records, closely followed by Flanagan, who set 7! In the last month alone, our dedicated staff team have issued over 500 mutes, gags and bans, in a effort to make our servers as enjoyable as possible, clear from disruptions and disturbances.

    Throughout early 2018, we're eager to add new maps to our BunnyHop and Surf services. We want to expand our map roster across all tiers, so leave and suggestions in a comment below in this thread!

    If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know!

    GTA-V Development

    This is our most exciting project this year - We look into bringing open-world game-play right under your feet with our Grand Theft Auto: Life project.

    You can be looking forward to player owned houses, cars, businesses which can all be striven for by working a career in-game. You may decide to work in law enforcement, the drugs trade, farming, truck driving and more. Please keep posted in the Grand Theft Auto forums for further information.

    You can apply for exclusive Founding Father access here.

    We're expanding our team!

    Throughout the end of December, and into January early, we have been, and will be continuing working hard to expand our Staff Team. We have selected some of the most active and dedicated members of our community, and are in the process of offering them a spot to become a member of staff.

    We hope through this expansion to be able to bring more of our communities ethos into our own, to employ more community suggestions and ideas, and provide you with the best possible experience across our server range!

    Closing Statement

    To close, thank you all for playing on Mestro servers through 2017, we saw our community grow so much and let's hope it continues to grow throughout 2018 too.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below.


    The Management Team.

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    I made this map suggestion thread a few weeks ago
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    Surf map suggestions

    surf_christmas (T2)
    surf_christmas2 (T3/4)
    surf_666 (T6)
    surf_the_distance (T5)
    surf_salient/salient2 (T5/6) salient2:
    surf_apollonian (T4)
    surf_sinister2 (T6)
    surf_vale/vale2 (T3) vale2:
    surf_android (T5)
    surf_desolate (T4)
    surf_stonework4 (T6)
    surf_highlands (T5)

    can't find the rest of the download links
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