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Thread: Unjust mute - Gimpo

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    Unjust mute - Gimpo

    Taiikaii unjustly muted me for a month for "insulting others/ignoring admin"

    Insulting a player called sugar but conveniently ignored sugars racist remarks, there were numerous players who witnessed this (blind and Thomas shelby can attest to this). which leads me to believe I was muted for a month due to a personal dislike of me which stemmed from a back and fourth which happened shortly before the mute.

    In terms of my previous mutes, the majority we placed with mestros rules were more laxed and were applied as a joke.

    I'm appealing for a shorter mute or the complete removel.

    (sorry for typos im currently eating chicken wings from iceland...they are dank).

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    Hello Gimpo!

    Please make a new mute apeal using this form

    Type: Mute / Ban
    Reason for Ban:
    Statement: You can add anything you like here to reason with the Mestro Gaming staff team

    and create it in the mute/ban apeal section

    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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