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    Maxmelon - Crown

    Name: MaxMelon
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:131318980
    Type: Ban
    Reason for Ban: Assumed racism
    Basically, some guy called "Negger" came on and a few people were laughing about it. I said over voice "It says negger so it isn't racist" so Crown typed in chat "Last warning Max" (even though that was my FIRST warning, I did nothing wrong prior to this). In response to this I typed in the chat something along the lines of "I only said his username 'negger'" for which he immediately issued me with a ban.
    I'm not writing this because I want to be unbanned immediately, because my ban only lasts a few hours. I'd instead like to inform the community that I am not racist, having family members and good friends of colour. I didn't use any racist terms, and I didn't intend to "imply" any racism via the word "negger". The user who joined with the username "negger" should have been disciplined and we were pointing this out to Crown.
    Crown said "last warning Max" as if I'd been breaking the rules before that, and I really didn't. Crown didn't give me a chance to justify myself and instead issued a very unfair ban. Thanks for reading :/
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    Dear Max,

    You have said that word a couple times, in which I gave you your warning. Your first warning is your last warning, hence when you typed it in chat I had to ban you.

    Yours truly,

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    The administrator has justified their actions and it was deemed appropriate for your removal from Mestro Gaming services to remain in place.

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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