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Thread: Mestro Bhop 8 - Can no longer connect?

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    Unhappy Mestro Bhop 8 - Can no longer connect?

    I used to bhop on mestro 8 a few months ago but when I try to find the server within csgo it does not appear and if I try to directly connect I just get presented with server not responding? I have no bans that I am aware of (none appear under bans) and like the mestro community. I can still play on server 9.

    Any help would be welcomed,


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    You can either try to connect through the "join game" button on this site: or directly through your console with "Connect" minus the ".


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    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your help but both of those options are not allowing me to connect, I am fairly sure this is something server side as the other servers work.


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    Give this a try Will,

    If that doesn't work you'll unfortunately have to wait for an admin to take a look into it.


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    Yep unfortunately still not working, will an admin reply on this thread?


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    I've identified and resolved this issue, a round change may be required for this to take effect.
    Please allow up to 2 hours before trying to reconnect.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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