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Thread: Proposition to stop mic spam.

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    Lightbulb Proposition to stop mic spam.

    So, me and AdpT_Shadw were having a chat today when MG1 was full of people coming in and just splurting random stuff, not really talking just causing disturbance. He gave me this idea which I feel would actually work really well, in that for someone to be able to use voice chat, they have to be NEW+, showing they aren't just on the server to troll, and want to play.

    Surely this would be controversial because if someone didn't know what to do and wanted help, text chat might not be sen through times completed and other chat stuff, however I feel that higher ranked players, mods and admins could monitor it well, and if someone was NEW and genuinely didn't know what to do and needed help, then there could be a function in place to allow for mods and admins to unmute them to allow for them to teach them, if they needed to talk back to learn as such.

    Discussion and feedback would be great, I want to know other people's opinions on this.

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    +1, Although New+ is only 647 points most of the trolls that do join get 0 points anyways because 90% of the time they cant bhop / surf at all. Could definietly work.

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    So i see why you came to that Idea, Its not too bad. I think it would be possible to do on bhop, because its pretty easy to finish the easiest maps by just doing solo jumps and with all the checkpoints it shouldnt be too bad to get to New+ in a certain time.

    But on surf i see a problem. I have known players which were New for almost a month or two. Because its pretty hard to even do the easiest maps if you dont know the basics, dont know how to control yourself in the air or just bump onto the ramps.

    Because of that i was thinking about a "time-limit". Im not sure if its possible but add something like: after 5hrs of playtime on mestro you are able to use the voice chat.

    But in the end i dont know about the whole Idea. Because the voice chat is a pretty important part by keeping people play. If they cant chat with others, they lose the motivation.
    For people who cant finish maps, its more of a chat with some tries in addition.

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    Right, so imagine a player who wants to play on this server and is new and tries to speak to other players then realised they can't. If that were me I wouldn't play. Honestly, I understand where this comes from but it pretty much kills some kind of welcoming and I don't think it would be good for the longevity.

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    -1 same as konz and james. People will just leave and never come back if they are not able to use voice, and could slow down or even stop the community from growing.
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    We added this before, whereby a user required a forum account / certain number of hours before being granted Voice permissions, it didn't work.

    If there's any other way to adapt this it may well be worth taking into consideration, but otherwise it's something we've been and done before. Sorry!
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    I understand where everyone is coming from, just throwing it out there see what everyone's stance on it was, and I understand why it wouldn't work also. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

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    Maybe just make it so you have to have at least 10-20 minutes play time to get voice permissions, I get where everyone is coming from and I don't think there is a fix to make everyone happy. This time isn't very long and it may stop a few trolls and not make the new people who actually come on for good unhappy.

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