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Thread: Locked content on Mestro account @SeniorAdmins

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    Question Locked content on Mestro account @SeniorAdmins

    Hey guys,
    Having donated £50 to Mestro Gaming, I was going to set up my custom title.
    However i am still locked from using it?

    If someone could fix this for me please and/or add me on steam i would be greatful

    Thank you

    Last edited by Lee x; 10-03-2018 at 12:48 PM. Reason: Proof of donation

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    Checking this out for you Lee as this certainly doesn't sound right!
    Standby one.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Hi Lee,
    thanks for reporting this to us.

    There was a problem with the website - It turns out that we were only happy if you had donated £51 or above.
    This has now been adjusted and you should have full access to set custom titles.

    I'll keep this thread open pending any further queries.
    Thanks for your donation(s)!

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Thank you very much,
    I can comfirm it is now fixed & I have access

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