Community Expansion Plans - March 2018

We have recently relaunched our USA cluster at a specially chosen Datacentre in New York City.
We are now hosting MG1: Surf Beginner and MG8: Bunny Hop Beginner for all players to enjoy.

This runs as a trial for permanent operations in the future and we are currently monitoring throughput as we weigh the costs. Should we decide to proceed with a permanent server build in NYC we will be providing all current CS:GO content from our North American Hub.

We are measuring the trial servers from 12/03/2018 until 12/05/2018 -
- When either server bursts 40 players on five separate occasions in a 30 day period we will confirm the expansion.
- If a server bursts 20 players on more than three occasions in a 30 day period, we will extend the trial by one month.

Neither trial or permanent thresholds have been met -
The current trial will run until 12/05/2018.

This thread will be updated on a regular basis, GameTracker will serve as the current monitoring solution:

You can connect to these servers directly from the SecurePlay hub which is situated here.

What will this mean for the staff teams?
Server moderators will be locked to their specific region, when promoted to Administrators will be cross-region.
A new US-based staff team will be elected upon server build confirmation and will remain locked to the US region for the initial 3 month trial period.

What will this mean for the ranking system?
The ranking system will always remain cross-region.

What will this mean for donators?
VIP status is cross-region - A $USD gateway will be developed upon server build confirmation.