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Thread: Unmute pls I will not bend the rules I promise.

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    Unmute pls I will not bend the rules I promise.

    Player: Bethany
    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:136529166
    Steam Community: 76561198233324060
    Invoked on: 13/11/17 9:17 PM
    Block length: Permanent
    Expires on: Not applicable. <- I can try
    Reason: ignoring mod/ mic spam
    Blocked by Admin: Connor (Tainshey)

    Statement: Wassup my mans, it's me, your favourite cool kid on the surf blocks.
    It's been 4 months now since I've been permamuted, and I don't feel too bad about it. I rightfully owned it after my long lasting dictatorship at the top of the mutelist, but even though I worked hard on my mute collection everytime I do come on the servers (which is not often anymore sorry my frends that do like me) it feels like something is lacking. I can't shittalk Tainshey anymore for being a bonobo or tell these fake ass roadmen that they aint shit against me, a person with obvious superior intellect.

    DISCLAIMER: Personal thoughts of a madman
    I do feel like my last mute was partly justified, as I was and always have been pushing the limits of what I should and shouldn't be doing which as an ex moderator (x2) on this server I shoulds know as no other. But I also feel like my mute has something to do with possibly a personal dislike against me personally, which could also not be the case but that's how I feel, as I have been muted for ignoring mod/ mic spam but all I was doing was put on a "girly voice" aka a higher pitched voice for my persona I was acting out at that specific moment "Bethany".
    Sometimes I personally felt like this specific mod (now ex mod as I understand) would not always mute people fairly but would let his personal emotions and temper get the best of him sadly. I understand it's hard to keep up a professional image when moderating as bunch of 12 year old meme-kids but I believe personal problems and/or having a bad day should not be affecting the way you moderate a CS:GO community server.

    Oh and also it would be nice to actually have a flowing conversation instead of needing to choose between surfing or typing to someone. It's just really annoying having to stop mid run to type, or even worse reply after I have either failed or finished the map which can take up to 5 minutes. This is not a nice way to keep up a conversation with somebody in my humble opinion but then again what do I know I've only been muted/gagged 28 times.
    Yes I know I could just go in the Mestro Gaming discord but every1 knows that its as dead as the teamspeak was so sadly that aint a real option here funny guys!

    but then again what do I know I've only been muted/gagged 28 times.
    But Fate, you have 28 mutes, why would we ever consider unmuting you? you are obviously a toxic member of the community!

    True, but toxicity in the right dosage can be healthy for you, look at chemo therapy. It's basically damaging your body to fix another part of your body. That's basically me yo. + the fact that I'm not even that toxic. I joke around a lot, totally true but what is a surf server without banter these days man.

    But Fate, you will just make our lives hard again having to monitor you again.
    Also true, but not everything can be sunshine and rainbows!

    Fate, why are you typing to yourself, do you not take this unmute appeal serious?
    Welcome to Mestro Gaming baby, where girls get skins and I get muted a lot and then talk to myself.

    But really Fate, do you take this serious? Because if you do not take this serious why would we unmute you?!
    Of course I would like to get unmuted, but where is the fun in making a boring appeal when I can do it like this?

    You have a point there Fate, We will consider your unmute appeal after looking into it and talking about it in the Staff Discord server!
    Thanks Olly/Ollie/Lee

    Well Thanks for reading if you did, maybe TTYL maybe not. We'll see.

    Peace, serverslut Bethany aka Fate aka IDK aka Kevin aka Asian Kid.
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    umute this gamer

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    Discussion being held on the staff forums.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    should be given a final warning basis
    <3 K0NZ

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