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    Lightbulb Incentives

    Right, so for the server I think that there should be some prizes of some sort. My first plan was that the most active user in one certain month would be able to get a months free VIP for example. But also If that wasnt possible maybe instead of VIP you could get a certain amount if credits. It could maybe work as 1st, 2nd and 3rd kind of deal. Where 1st would get 1 month free vip and credits. 2nd would get credits and 3rd would get credits but less than 2nd place. But I think it's a good idea as it rewards the most active players.

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    +1 for my main man James, Could definietly give players more of an incentive to want to actually play (other than for beating their records) You would somehow have to monitor if they'd just left their clients open afking though as I'm sure some people would do this.

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