Scheduled Outage / Server Upgrade Plans

Mestro Gaming services will be closed for essential maintenance at a fixed period between 29/03/2018 and 04/04/2018.
The exact dates and times of the downtime are yet to be confirmed.

This is due to an essential hardware upgrade and migration;
Mestro Gaming was launched in October 2015 on a 2013 CPU/DDR3 Architecture and we will be upgrading to a 2017 CPU/DDR4 Architecture to allow for expansion and compatability with modern software requirements and demands of modern operating systems.

We will aim to post a confirmation of the maintenance window within the next few days on our website/discord/twitter and Steam Group.

Edit: 27/03/18 - 21:08 BST
The maintenance will be split into two phases -

Phase 1: Migration (ETA 28/03/2018 - 29/03/2018)
~700GB of files, including game/website databases will be transferred on to brand new units. (Est 16 hrs)
The file system will be configured and backup system will restart onto a redundant drive. (Est 1 hr)
cPanel/Server Administration/vBulletin/Website will then be reconfigured (Est 5 hrs)

Phase 2: Launch (ETA 30/03/2018)
Mestro Gaming will be turned offline and our DNS records will be updated, propagation begins. (10 minutes)
Server DB Bloat, Test & Debug (Est 1 hr)
Server opens to the public and runs as normal.

Desired Outcome
I have weighed the specifications of the hardware and conclude that there will be a rough 28% performance increase across all EU Mestro Gaming services. The servers will run on new hardware increasing longevity of all server components.