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Thread: Results for mg11 1v1 event 05/04/18

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    Results for mg11 1v1 event 05/04/18

    Hey everyone,

    Congratulations to the three winners it was a close event during the middle and end.Thanks for all turning out for the event, it was really great time seeing everyone interacting and having fun! However, we know there was various problems during this event that we have noted this and next time we will have hopefully sorted an event out which will have then addressed these problems. Sorry for the inconvenience we caused during this but we hope you all had fun!

    Here are the official results:
    1. Nico
    2. Elff
    3. Konz

    Thank you Jame.s for the helping with the event and giving away some of the prizes and thanks Razkoz for giving away the knife! We hope we can see you at our next event :smiley:
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    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    Gratz guys!

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    Was a good event even when people moaning about the AUG and SG being used

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