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Thread: Wrongfully Banned for 3 Days

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    Wrongfully Banned for 3 Days

    Name: Ciano
    SteamID: 76561198083524564
    Type: Ban
    Reason for Ban: Racism
    Statement: I was playing on MG1 and talking to a player named ''CB''. The conversation was nothing special just about esea but mid conversation a player screamed ''You sound like Conor Mcgregor''. Granted I am Irish and I didn't think much of it, I got annoyed because I was interrupted during the conversation and replied ''and you sound like Apu from The Simpsons''. Apu is a stereotypical character based on an Indian man. So I understand I was stereotyping but it was never my intention to be racist and seeing as the other player was also stereotyping but did not get banned or even get a warning.

    I feel there is a difference between stereotyping and being racist I have nothing against people from south central Asia and it was never my intention to be racist and that's why I feel I was wrongfully banned.

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    you was racist before you said what you had mentioned you was then warned by razkoz not to be racist and the things said will no be repeated here if a higher up would like to know what was said please contact me but you have been banned for 3 days for racism with clear intent even after being warned to not do so.

    Yours sincerely


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    Granted before hand I was out of line and deserved a warning that's why I changed the subject to esea but I feel staff jumped the gun on this one. What I said after warning was hardly worth a ban, I compared someone to Apu from The Simpsons because he called me Conor Mcgregor it wasn't racist we were both stereotyping.

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