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    Event information

    Hey Everyone,

    So as the new event manager I shall be doing at least 2 events per month and these will be surf/bhop chill/karaoke nights just for a fun time! These nights will be solely focused on having fun and just interacting with the community. We aim to give out prizes during these events and for the chill ones these will be given out randomly so you wont need to be skilled or good at the game to win. Now for the other event which I am proposing is a going to be a large tournament with larger prizes than the chill nights. So far we have come up with just the 1v1 event which will be a white-listed event so this will cause less lag and will be easier to track players as we will be trying to implement a new system for winning the event rather than just kills. Also I am thinking creating a bhop/surf event which will the winner will be the person with the fastest time.

    For the events we will have them on the first Friday and last Friday of each month. However, for the larger tournament this will be very once per 2 months as the prizes will be a higher tier. There will obviously be more information when the event comes closer. If you require anymore information don't hesitate to contact me.

    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    I heard karaoke. that is all I need! I will win that shit!

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