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Thread: Missing Bonuses

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    Missing Bonuses

    I know there are several maps on the server missing bonuses, however, I'm not able to go on server right now and find all the ones I know of. So I'm just going to post the ones I can think of atm. If there is a similar post regarding these or anything similar I'm sorry.

    surf_aircontrol_ksf: Missing 2 bonuses I think, one sped up version of map and one weird bhop slope bonus.

    surf_diminsion: One long bonus consisting of two stages, can be split up into 2 bonuses.

    surf_faint_fix: One bonus with a speedboost and a long spin downwards and one which is basically a shorter and easier version of surf_reprise bonus 2

    That's what I can come up with off the top of my head, feel free to add to the list if you guys know any more.

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    Was on aircontrol yesterday and the map file the server has doesn't contain the full bonus as well as after putting the map file into hammer the teleports for bonuses have been set to take you back to spawn to stop you spawning in mid air with nothing around. The problem is that if the bonus teleports dont work there isnt a way to get players there in game unless there is something server sided that could teleport you there if found. Ill try and look at the other 2 maps you listed and decompile them to check hammer for location of the bonuses.

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    Real MVP right here.

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    Hey I have managed to look at surf_diminsion and surf_faint_fix on hammer. I can confirm that surd_faint_fix has the the 2 bonuses and I have found them with help from Andrelfl using noclip. I will upload pics but right now I'm too tired and in bed posting from my phone. I will try and find surf_diminsion bonus tomorrow. Hammer is telling me it's there just need to go onto VIP server when no one else is using it to vote it on and find it. I'm sure once there senior staff can hopefully set teleports so players can get there via the !b command in game

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    That’s superb, you might want to contact Ross if you see him in game and show him noclip routes etc. and it’s possible he knows of other maps with missing bonuses that you can take a look at. I’ll try to get on and look for different maps with missing bonuses myself and I’ll give you a heads up if I do find any. Awesome work so far.

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    I'll pass it on to taiikii for him to take a look at the zoning.
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    Hey after further looking into surf_diminsion i was able to get to the bonuses but the aren't playable. There is a teleport right after the bonus spawn that teleports you to the void and then back to the main map. Im not sure why the map creator has done this and there is also no other triggers that will disbale the teleport. The teleport name is jail so the map creator had something else in mind for players i guess. Its a shame since the bonus looks really good. I have not long messaged TaiiKii about the bonuses on surf_faint_fix so hopefully he sees it soon and they can get zoned so we can play on them on the server.

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    According to Ross one of the newly added maps called surf_semesterbreak (I think) is missing some bonuses.

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    Ill take a look at it and see what i can find

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    Have had a look and unfortunately there is no bonuses on surf_semesterbreak.

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