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Thread: !thirdperson mode

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    !thirdperson mode

    introduction of a new mode !thirdperson.

    i know !thirdperson exists in game already, but i think you should be able to get points for doing maps thirdperson!

    it would give people something to do when utopia/mesa/aircontrol win a vote and you already have a good time.

    additionally i love surfing !thirdperson.

    This could be a VIP only feature as it is now or made public.

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    It would be unfair for only vips to gain points purely from a style just for them, Currently I don't think we do not need another way to get points as we already have 3 different ranked styles. There is also better things for management to work on at the moment other than third person ranked styles in my opinion anyways.

    Maybe an idea for the future.
    Mestro Gaming Staff Team

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    or just make it a fun style that doesnt give u points since I dont see this mode as competitive one.
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