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Thread: !Callvote GAG?

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    !Callvote GAG?

    Hey. I've been waiting for ages so I can apply for mod and hopefully warn&mute mic spammers that now and then makes us deaf.

    But having the option to call a vote for a mic spammer would be good. I know it could be abused but the mute should probably just last 10 minutes or so.

    If you guys don't like the idea, maybe make a role below Mod that that can call the vote and make it only require like 30% of the server for it to proceed.

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    In my opinion with the amount of mods we have there is no need for a rank below Moderator, All you have to do is !calladmin and 99% of the time someone will come.

    As for the !callvote gag that wouldn't be very efficient basically because you could have 10 of your friends online for example to gag/mute someone purely because you do not like them.
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