We're running a promotion across Mestro Gaming CS:GO services!
This is in lue of the Q3/Q4 ad-revenue drop, however we will be running this ONE-TIME promotion for one week only!

This applies to donations made in-game, or via the website at
http://mestrogaming.net/donation/ (Select 8 months)

Offer Expires Saturday 30th June '18

Donate just £20 this week and receive the following!
8 Months VIP (+ 1 month free)
5,000 Store Credits
* FREE Ring of Fire Aura (worth 2,000 Credits)

Donate £40 this week and receive the following!
16 Months VIP (+ 2 months free)
10,000 Store Credits
* FREE Lifebinder Aura (Worth 4,000 Credits)
* FREE Deadpool Skin (Worth 1,000 Credits)