Lifetime VIP Membership

Lifetime membership is now available via the website, this is available for a total price of £100.

Lifetime membership will include by standard:
- 25,000 Store Credits
- Lifetime access to VIP servers

*Additionally lifetime users will receive:
- A Platinum VIP Mestro Gaming server (12 slots) for 12 months, at NO cost. (Worth £69.12)
- Free server upgrade to Platinum (Dedicated CPU Core)
- Platinum/Sponsor VIP status on the forums & discord
- Moderator status on their server with the chance to be trained to moderate Mestro Gaming servers (subject to vetting).

The VIP server will be updated and configured according to Mestro Gaming standards and the owner can decide whether to maintain a VIP-Only server or entirely private shard (Passworded).
The owner can decide on the Server Name in order to make it unique to them, however the server will be locked to either Surf/Bunny-Hop configuration and updates will be managed by Mestro Gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to renew my server after 12 months, will this be possible?
At a flat rate of £30.00 (Inc VAT) you can renew your server for 12 months. This is discounted from £69.12) (57% discount)
When you renew your server, you will also receive £20 worth of store credits (Currently 5,000)

Can I change my server from Surf to Bunny Hop configuration, or vice versa?
Yes, this can be done by opening a support ticket. The cost of doing so is a months deduction from the free service period. Otherwise, this can be done for free upon renewal.

I'm interested in becoming a Moderator, will this be possible under the sponsorship scheme?
Providing you meet the initial requirements to apply then yes it's possible. All sponsors will be contacted by a member of senior management regarding the process. If you wish to check your eligibility before you purchase you can either reply below to enquire or contact a member of staff on the forums/discord.