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Thread: Njoy - RXW

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    Njoy - RXW

    Name: Njoy
    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:10920165
    Type: Perm Ban
    Reason for Ban: Joking about ddosing
    Statement: RXW had recently just banned 'Void' when his ping spiked to 999. RXW kept trying to speak but no one could understand him. I joked that Void said 'to say goodbye to his internet'. RXW then replied when his internet recovered that he would ddos me if i joked about ddosing. I joked about how he had just mispoken and threatened to ddos me and then in a very sarcastic and joking manner I remarked that I would ddos him. This resulted in my Permanent ban. I feel this is a bit of an over reaction.

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    Void was banned for using a racist slur when I muted/gagged him. Although MY internet never went offline nor did I disconnect; my connection usually sits around 5-20 ping however, all of a sudden it spiked to 999 ping whilst someone is threatening to DDOS, therefore I need to take this action seriously and follow the procedures that have been put into place by the Mestro Team.
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    When i said that void had said to say 'goodbye to your internet' you asked If I was joking, I said I was. You then misspoke and threatened to ddos me if I joked about ddosing, I then jokingly said that I was gonna ddos you and told you that you misspoke and threatened to ddos me. Then you banned me.

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    i was following protocols with the ban/mute, yes i did misspeak but i immediately corrected my self

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    i am not going to comment on a ban/mute on a discord where the community can see it like svenn.y said

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    Svenny said to make an appeal, which just so happens to be on the community forums where, would you guess it, the community can see it. He just wanted me to stop talking about it in discord for whatever arbitrary reason ran through his head.

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    he wanted to keep it out the discord cause your problem is with me, why air your opinions on a server so people can pick sides

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    you could have messaged me from the community discord and we could have talked about it but you didnt you put it in the general lobby

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