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Thread: Jackie's Mute Appeal

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    Jackie's Mute Appeal

    Name: Jackie drinkr of choccy milk
    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:94067206
    Type: Mute / Ban: Mute
    Reason for Mute: Screaming
    Statement: Sorry in advance if this is long, I am a bit long winded.

    Hello, I received a mute three days ago from the admin Lee for the reason "Screaming". Someone recently appealed it for me and I would like to add that I was unaware of this and also apologize for any inconveniences that may have caused. I understand that a few influential people in this community have some sort of grudge or dislike for me. That tends to come with the type of personality I possess. This is why originally I did not plan to appeal it because I know that the chances of acceptance is slim. And this isn't necessarily unwarranted because I can be a bit much at times, I am aware.

    But, with all of this, the circumstances of the mute were a little confusing to me. I have a clip of the moments before that I will link. A few things about it bother me because I don't think any of the footage qualifies as "screaming down the mic", or however the admin described it. In addition, the admin was not even on at the time. This causes me to infer that someone just told the admin I was screaming and without any evidence I was punished for it. I know at times in the clip I was talking a lot and being loud, so I have no issue with the mute seeing itself out. I just thought it would be worth a try, especially since any times I was noticeably loud was before the connection of the admin occured, which is a little unsettling.

    Nonetheless, thank you for your time and have a good rest of your Saturday.


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    I was messaged by multiple players (some of which are ex-staff members) about you being loud and screaming down the microphone. As soon as I joined you were still being obnoxiously loud even when you knew I was there and so you were muted for it. You have even admitted being noticeably loud before I joined above in your statement which proves to me that the players who reported you were in the right for doing so. It does not matter that I connected late.

    Mestro Gaming Staff Team

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