Follow on update from New Points System

A new ranking and skillgroup system has landed on all Mestro Gaming servers as of writing this message.

Please note that whilst the system and mathematics that run behind the scenes is final, the formulas that designate players into skillgroups are subject to change whilst we adjust those values to ensure that the relevant skill-groups are well earn't.

Before Update -
Skillgroups were allocated based on a percentage of the maximum points obtainable.
For example: [MASTER] was 0.15x of the maximum points obtainable, say that value was 250,000, you would require 37,500 points to become a master.

After Update -

Beating Maps -> Points -> Server Rank -> Percentile -> Skill-Group

  1. The first step to climbing the server ranks is to beat maps, only your best completion on each map will count towards your points total. Each player is awarded their server rank depending on their overall points total
  2. Your numerical server rank is then used to calculate your percentile. This calculation is complete by dividing your server rank by the total number of ranked players. The total number of ranked players and your numerical server rank can be found in the /profile and /points tab in-game.
  3. Your percentile is used to determine your skill-group, each skill-group has a minimum percentile requirement which if met, will be allocated to you. The rank requirements can be found by using /ranks in-game

For example, if I am rank 134 on surf, assuming there are 85,000 ranked players:
My numerical server rank is 134/85,000 - My percentile is 0.16%.


Why the change of ranking system all of a sudden?
The old ranking system was based on KZTimer and ckSurf, with a few minimal modifications. It was a competitive ranking system however it did not correctly reflect a players overall ranking in comparison with other players.
The system was incredibly dated and not suitable for a server of such a large number of players.

This new system will directly compare you with other players skill levels now it's used in conjunction with the new map points distribution system.

What about players that join, complete 1 map and leave, how will this effect the ranking system?
Good question - We have systems in place ready to remove such players from the ranking system, this is currently being monitored to establish if this has any negative impact before the queries are executed. I believe that the New Percentile-Based Distribution System should prevent any forthcoming issues.

What about players that have no skill but complete many maps for a high skill-group?
Another good question - The ranking system does favor people who continually beat maps and achieve a higher map-completed count. We have already taken measures to counter-act this (New Percentile-Based Distribution System) and additionally tweaked the valuable skill-groups. You may interpret the ranks as you so desire, players will only receive a small boost by completing a large number of maps however this system *IS ACCURATE* at ranking peoples skill relative to one another. The positive aspect here is that the ranking system rewards players for practicing a lot by beating a lot of maps, this way the system is actually encouraging the players to get better.