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Thread: i think we know what this is

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    Smile i think we know what this is

    so as I dont know the reason for disrespect, I can only know from what ive been told. dunno how or who i disrespected someone but I think its svenn.

    I reacted to a picture on a seperate discord with an emote of svenn. (the emote is a picture of svenn, the picture was posted by svenn publicly on mestro disc) I apologise and can see why that was immature, however I didnt make the emote, want it to be made etc. took no part in it.

    Sorry for the immaturity svenn!

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    Hi Buzuki,

    You can start with writing your apeal in the right section of the forum:

    You should know this by now..
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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