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Thread: Unban request

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    Unban request

    Name: Tucks
    SteamID: STEAM_1:1:54696084
    Type: Ban
    Reason for Ban: Exploitation of timer i believe, was so long ago i cant really remember everything that happened.
    Statement: It's been so long since i was banned and i was a different person back then - i couldn't surf at all so i looked for any excuse to manipulate the timer. Spending the past year at surf heaven has made me more mature and actually surf rather than being immature like i was. I vaguely remember the reasoning's behind my ban but i guarantee if you unban me i wont do anything to ruin/disrupt the server.

    Apologies, Tucks.

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    +rep can actually agree with this, seen him surfing and he is rly good now. Does not exploit the timer or any old shit he used to do.

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    +1 made me sell my kidney for 100 bucks, no regrets

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    On this occasion I'll be accepting your appeal.
    A year has passed and you've brought yourself back to our community to plea your case.

    Tucks - Welcome back.

    Should you discover any exploits, primarily: Methods to gain advantages over other players using any form of timer mechanic, please report it using !bug.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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