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Thread: Intended cuts on maps

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    Intended cuts on maps


    so after spending a decent amount of time on the bhop servers I noticed that most maps can be effectively cutted which is in my opinion a bit gamebreaking.Rest of the map which is actually enjoyable to play is just cut away.What's even worse is that most maps have intended cuts which should just get removed from the mappool completly.It just makes everything uncompetitive.

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    The cuts are hard to hit usually, and because of this higher skilled players can still enjoy tier 1 maps etc because they can get better times than the majority of players.

    Removing a map from the pool because it has a skip is a terrible idea, we'd have to remove the majority of our maps.
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    maybe 240 maps would be removed because of this, skips are designed to be hit you dont see people on global jumps doing 3 mins on a map without a skip where you could get 1 minute with one
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    Most retarded post i've seen in my whole life

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