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Thread: Countdown sound and donator message :/

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    Countdown sound and donator message :/

    Can we get an option to mute the countdown timer and an option to stop the donations coming up on our screens.

    It is really annoying when you're in a run and you get a donation message pop up which to be honest I do not care about.

    The countdown timer is also annoying and would be great if you could get an option to at least mute it.

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    +1 for countdown.

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    Wider customisability for the whole timer in general would be a nice addition so you could opti-in/opt-out of things such as the map completion messages, wr notifications (mute for certain styles etc), and the countdown timer you mentioned.
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    Fully agree with Teh, I know it'll be a lot of work but in the long run it'll be completely worth it.
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