GTA V Online
Garbage Collection (Job)

Cleaning the streets, someones gotta' do it, right? You've come to the right place to learn about how to take up this government role and you will soon learn how to become a good standing, hard working citizen.

To start work, use /job accept in the relevant area.

The Los Santos Government has budgeted garbage collection vehicles which will utilize any of four routes around the city. Waste is rife and there will be plenty of work throughout the day to keep you busy and keep the money coming.

To start your day, go to the workplace and use /duty.

You will need to be assigned a collection route.
/garbage route

Follow the route according to your GPS to the garbage drop-off & collection points.

Collect the garbage
/garbage pickup

Rinse & Repeat until the route has been completed, upon completion you will be paid in full.

Feel like finishing early? use /garbage cancel and return the vehicle to the depot.