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    WillSO - Server Administrator

    Member Name: WillSO

    In-Game Alias: WillSO

    Which region are you applying for?: EU/UK

    Which cluster are you applying for?: CS:GO Surf & Bunnyhop

    Your SteamID#: STEAM_0:0:53457555

    Are you able to use voice chat?: Yes

    Real Name: William Orchard (Will)

    Birthday: 21/11/1993

    Location and Timezone: Term time address is in Newcastle, but outside of term I'm based in a small village just outside of the Lake District. Both of these locations are in the United Kingdom, and my timezone therefore is G

    A player breathing loudly through the microphone and isn't corresponding with your warnings, you are the only administrator online, how will you defuse this situation?: The first response would be to inform the user via Voice Chat that their heavy breathing into the microphone is disruptive to other users, and politely inform them that this constitutes Voice Spam as per the rules (which I'd direct them to via the !rules command), and ask if they could rectify the situation themselves, advising that they avoid using their Push-To-Talk key when not using their microphone to talk to another user, or adjust the position of their microphone so as to avoid the "heavy breathing effect". Secondly, I would write in the text chat to the user the same message, as it is entirely possible that the user has activated voice_enable 0 and cannot hear other users or myself. If this disruption persisted, then I would issue a Mute for 30 minutes (or an extended time, should the user have already recieved a mute that day for the same reason), and clearly state the reason as "Mic spam - see rules". If I was staying on the server, then I'd continue to monitor the situation once the mute has terminated. If the disruption continued, then a further mute would be issued for an appropriate time length, which I believe (in most cases) would be an hour. If for any reason I could not stay on the server, then I'd advise other players that - should the problem persist - they can use the !calladmin command for further action from other members of the Mestro staff team.

    A player who was being disruptive was muted for one month by your colleague who was able to action this before yourself. You strongly disagree with this action. You and your colleague are both student administrators, how should you respond?: Contact a Senior Administrator with thorough information.

    You receive a report that a player is playing music through his microphone and causing a disruption in a busy server. When you connect, the player is online however there are no complaints of any disruption.<br>What is your next course of action?: Firstly, I'd join the server, and check initially if any music is currently playing down the microphone. If, as per the question, there is no music playing and no complaints of music playing, I'd inform users that I'd received a report of music playing down the microphone, and that this is against server rules (as it constitutes mic spam), which I'd direct them to via the !rules command. If possible, I would stay and monitor the situation. If not possible, I'd remind users that they can use the !calladmin command to ask for further assistance. It is important to be vigilant of the fact that the presence of authority often encourages users tow the line, and abide by server rules. If music did return to the voice channel, I'd inform the user of their previous warning and any further disruption would result in a temporary mute (of 30 minutes, or an appropriate length case-dependant).

    A player has been caught using scripts in the bunnyhop server and is gaining server records on several maps. You are the first on scene. When you arrive, the player clearly states that if he is removed from the game he will initiate a DDOS attack and take down all Mestro servers.<br>What is your next course of action?: Ban the user, Report the user to a Senior Administrator

    A user that has been banned from the server contacts you, seemingly confused why they were banned and demanding an explanation.<br>How do you proceed?: Refer them to the Ban/Mute Appeals section on the forums.

    What skills do you feel you have that will benefit the community?: When I first joined the server and started learning to surf, Cait spent a lot of time teaching me how to surf. As a regular member, I feel it's my responsibility to give back to the community, and as such I regularly help new surfers learn to surf, or assist new members in integrating into the community that has developed. I quickly became a VIP on the server, so that I could start to contribute towards the costs of the server that provide me with hours of entertainment every day. I pride myself on my 'people skills', and as such I regularly defuse hostile situations on the server, and remind users that are blatantly breaking rules that what they are doing is against the rules, and that the rules are in place to help create a friendly, relaxed and primarily, a FUN environment for all members - let's not forget that CS:GO is a game, afterall. Sometimes users come online to talk about emotional issues, and I believe that I conduct myself in a compassionate manner, listening and offering advice where appropriate. I believe that most members see me as approachable, and a friendly character in the servers. I'm very active on the MG-1 and MG-5 servers, and have completed approximately 200 hours in these servers over the past 2 months. This has led to me becoming a well known figure. As a regular user, I see the downtime in staff activity, and I truly believe that extra staff will allow Mestro to become a healthier environment for all. I like to ensure that all users are treated fairly, and when I think something is harmful, or "toxic", I've been known to use the !calladmin command several times, and have contacted staff in other forms if necessary. As an example, I recently sent Miss Cait a picture of someone being racist in the chat, which resulted in that particular user receiving a ban. As an amateur comic, I like to practice comedy in the server, and (although some people may hate to admit it!) this has resulted in people in the server enjoying themselves more, and feeling more integrated into the family of Mestro.

    Have you ever used SourceMod administration tools?: No

    Do you know any of our current staff members?: Yes

    If Yes, please tell us their names.: Miss Cait and Charlie.
    I've met Wazari, RXW, Joker, Natzzu and Oliver, but only in passing on the server (at most) a few times, and do not know them well.

    Please select any languages you speak fluently.: English

    Please tell us what time would be a good time to contact you.: I am always available after 4pm on weekdays, and during the day on weekends. However, I'm usually available more often than this, as my term-time schedule varies day to day, and I play late into the n

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.: As a university student (final year, maths) my schedule can sometimes be hectic, and this may result in some dips in activity, particularly during exam season (mid January, mid May). I have a keen interest in statistics, and would be interested in investigating some of the data from server, such as peak hours, popular maps, average times (to name a few) if given the opportunity. I believe that this would not only help to hone my skills as a statistician, but could also result in observations about the server that may or may not already be known.

    Mestro Group operates a community safety policy, which strictly prohibits contact from various communities and their associates. You will be required to comply with this policy which may require you to stop playing on their servers and/or remove certain people from your Steam friends list.<br>Are you willing to accept this agreement?: I understand and accept this agreement.

    Mestro Group operates a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which all members of staff must comply. Should this agreement be broken, a law suit may be filed and so forth all members of staff are forced to comply. Do you agree to sign the NDA?: I understand and accept this agreement.

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    Didn't realise I'd exceeded the character limit. For clarification purposes, my timezone is GMT+0.

    And re: contact times. I play late into the night on weekends.

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    +1 nice guy! Always friendly, would be a good addition to the mestro gaming staff team!

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    Would be a great addition to the team, Definitely a great candidate.
    Mestro Gaming Staff Team

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    Professional baked bean

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    +1 nice lad, would be good for the community

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    Will is Kind, mature and fair. He would be a great asset going foward. YEET SQUAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leee View Post
    Would be a great addition to the team, Definitely a great candidate.
    Completely agree, This guy has proven to be a quality player.

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    I've acknowledged the comments above and will be dealing with all applications shortly.
    Sorry for the delay, rest assured that I am aware of your application.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    will is a very nice person, hes always well behaved and speaks to everyone, he also tries to help people out with maps and commands etc, he also gave me a route for a map to help me beat my time, he is a very good guy
    Haise Sasaki

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